SFPA Certificate Course Updates

Post-Graduate 1 Year Certificate Course in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Social Work Practice: 

This 1-year course is designed to center the social work perspective in applying psychoanalytic ideas to clinical practice. It will offer social workers and other clinicians the opportunity to bring together psychoanalytic ideas in an applied way, and to be in a shared (virtual) space of learning, dialogue, and curiosity. It will emphasize the ways in acknowledging race, gender, ability, class, privilege, and positionality is central to our work, and draws upon a deep but often marginalized literature of applied psychoanalysis. Utilizing didactic learning, case conferences, and supervision, this program will enable participants to use psychoanalytic theories, and concepts in a range of practice settings including both private and public ones. This course will be open to all clinicians who identify with these social work values, and those interested in deepening their work from this perspective. Stay tuned for more details on the Psychoanalytic Certificate Course!