Virtual Certificate Course – Applying Psychoanalysis in Social Work

Are you interested in learning more about applying psychoanalytic ideas to clinical practice? Stay tuned for our NEW virtual post-graduate certificate course!


Offered through the Sue Fairbanks Psychoanalytic Academy (SFPA), the year-long course uses a social work lens to help practitioners tackle big issues with psychoanalytic theory and practical skills.


Participants will learn to apply psychoanalytic theories and concepts in a range of public and private practice settings. With a mix of didactic learning, case conferences, and supervision, the course will help social workers and clinicians better understand how to meet clients where they are and lead interventions with a psychodynamic and equitable perspective.


The course centers a framework of social justice and equity to bring to life SFPA’s vision of equipping helping professionals with the tools needed to heal the suffering of communities and vulnerable individuals. In the spirit of SFPA’s core value that all people in all circumstances are deserving of meaningful treatments, the course will use cross-disciplinary theories and techniques to illuminate how practitioners can create the conditions to help people from all backgrounds.


As a graduate of Steve Hicks School of Social Work, Sue Fairbanks, LCSW found it critical to provide formal psychoanalytic education to social workers. “Psychoanalytic knowledge can help [social workers] deepen their work with clients and expand their comprehension of why people are behaving the way they are and to thus feel more empowered and satisfied along their career path,” Sue said.


SFPA Director Dr. Tina Adkins envisions the course as a shared space of learning, reflection, dialogue, and curiosity. “Social workers are increasingly expected to do more with less,” Dr. Adkins said. “This course makes room for the thinking space that clinical work requires and helps social workers develop the capacities needed to respond to whatever challenges clients present.”


The course is open to anyone interested in deepening their work from the perspective of psychoanalytic theory. All applicants should have an MSW or a Master’s degree in a related field. Applicants must also currently be working with clients and vulnerable populations as either a clinician or case worker.


We can’t wait to see how course participants move this innovative interdisciplinary field forward. Stay in the loop for more details about course applications by signing up for the Sue Fairbanks Psychoanalytic Academy newsletter.