What we Do

The goals of the Academy include increasing the knowledge and understanding of psychoanalytic theory by translating psychoanalytic research and theory into usable information for social work and community practitioners.

Our Post Graduate Certificate Courses in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Social Work Practice offer social workers and clinicians advanced education and training to weave together psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory with social work practice and values. The certificate courses are clinically focused, including coursework in how psychoanalytic theory can be incorporated into clinical practice and assessment, as well as the understanding of personality structure and child development.

We create and deliver trainings that draw from psychoanalytic theory and research, for the benefit of community members as well as social work/mental health practitioners. These trainings and workshops will be centered on topics that translate the theory into practice, to help community professionals better serve children and families. For example, see our selection of one-hour Lunch & Learns and our Family Minds Facilitator Training.

We believe it is critical to use science to study and support how psychoanalytic theories intersect with social work practice. Our research involves understanding how trauma impacts parents and families, creating and validating interventions, and developing practical assessments that can be used by social workers and practitioners.