Sue Fairbanks Lecture in Psychoanalytic Knowledge

The Sue Fairbanks Lecture Series is made possible by the Sue Fairbanks Endowment for Excellence in the Application of Psychoanalytic Knowledge in Social Work. Established in 2009, this permanent endowment is dedicated to educational programs in psychoanalytic knowledge and to promoting excellence in clinical practice.

Past Lectures

2023 This Couch Has Bedbugs: On the Psychoanalysis of Homelessness and the Homelessness of Psychoanalysis

Brian Ngo Smith, LCSW, BCD-P,FABP

 2022 Reclaiming What’s Mine: A Psychoanalytic Look at Antisocial Behavior in Youth and the Role of Deprivation

Dr. Huey Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D., LCSW

2021 Politics, Pandemics, and Personhood: Psychoanalytically Informed Approaches to the Traumas of 2020

Dr. Boris Thomas, JD, PhD, LCSW-R

2020 How a Psychoanalytic Lens Can Help Us Understand Incarcerated Youth

Victoria Mills, LCSW

2019 No “Evidence” For Psychoanalytic Therapy? Let Me Tell You Some Stories…

William S. Meyer, LCSW, BCD

2018 Difficult To Hold: Psychoanalysis And Anti-Oppressive Clinical Practice In Social Work

Marco Posadas, MSW

2017 Everyone Hates Me Now, But Where Were They When I Needed Them?”: A Psychoanalytic Look At Trauma, Violence, And Mass Incarceration

Elizabeth Kita, PhD

2016 Fear of Breakdown: Internal Agonies and Urban Life

Elizabeth Simpson, LCSW

2015 When A Parent Dies: A Psychoanalytic Perspective of The Process Of Bereavement

Colin Pereira-Webber, LCSW

2014 Infecting the Treatment: Being an HIV-Positive Analyst

Gilbert Cole, PhD

2013 Psychoanalytic Social Work Renewed: Treating Community Violence One Life at a Time

Mark D. Smaller, PhD

2012 Across the Social Synapse: A Neurobiological and Psychoanalytic Approach to Enactments

Arlene Montgomery, PhD, LCSW

2011 The Sibling Relationship: A Force for Growth and Conflict

Joyce Edwards LCSW, BCD

2010 Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice with Vulnerable, Oppressed and Marginalized Populations

Joan Berzoff, MSW, EdD

2009 Psychoanalytic Treatment in Contemporary Social Work Practice

Carole Tosone, PhD, LCSW

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